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5G is Here: Do You Know If Your Network Is Prepared?

One thing is certain: change is inevitable, especially when it comes to technology. New technologies are constantly being introduced to the market and in order to keep up with the times, organizations need to adapt as these new technologies quickly become a standard. One of those standards looming on the horizon is a 5G mobile network.

5G is the next phase of mobile telecommunication standards. It will bring greater speed, lower latency and higher connectivity. This will help organizations move more data, become more responsive and connect more devices to a network without losing any performance.

These networks will also enable AI and IoT technology, creating a smarter and more connected environment.

However, while 5G will make accessing data a more efficient and faster experience, it also creates a new set of challenges for network security.

More data, more traffic

With more data coming through the network, at a greater speed, it becomes more difficult to manage, creating significant challenges for network monitoring and security. If network security and monitoring tools are unable to keep up with the increase in traffic, they can easily become overwhelmed and potentially overlook threats.

But upgrading existing monitoring and security tools can be cost prohibitive. Investing in network visibility solutions that offer scalability and high port density to handle an increase in network traffic is thus crucial for future-proofing existing tools.

An industry-leading solution

One solution is to deploy a truly scalable visibility platform that will be able to efficiently manage network traffic at any capacity. A network visibility solution provides security and monitoring tools only with the data they need rather than all of the data, ultimately enabling these tools to run more effectively.

APCON has developed solutions to help organizations prepare for growing networks. APCON's IntellaView platform is the world's highest capacity visibility platform, providing complete access into high traffic, high-density networks. With IntellaView, organizations can confidently accelerate ongoing digital transformation initiatives by creating an end-to-end visibility fabric that enables advanced monitoring, securing and analysis of hybrid applications and infrastructures.

For more information about APCON's next-generation hybrid visibility platform, click here.

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NEW Firmware/Software Release: IntellaView v1.12 is now available for download.
NEW Firmware/Software Release: IntellaView v1.12 is now available for download.

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