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Benefits of VMware & AWS

Benefits of VMware and AWS

Organizations have invested significant time, training and resources into virtualizing IT environments using VMware technologies. The want to leverage this investment during an infrastructure move to the public cloud is only natural.

It's now possible to take advantage of the benefits of public cloud infrastructure and leverage the availability of data centers in different geographical locations around the world, all while maintaining access to a fully managed VMware environment. With VMware Cloud on AWS, organizations can utilize the same core VMware technologies, including Virtual SAN, vSphere Hypervisor, and the NSX network virtualization platform, all on an AWS cloud infrastructure.

Why use VMware on AWS?

  • Run on AWS hardware: Users can run VMware Cloud directly on AWS hardware and still run the VMware virtualization stack without using nested virtualization.
  • Protect VMware licenses: Even though users are moving to the AWS cloud, they'll still be able to utilize their existing VMware licenses, discounts, and agreements.
  • Continue to use vCenter: Whether you have infrastructure located on-premises or on AWS, you'll still be able to run vCenter (VMware's management tool) for the entire VMware environment.
  • Access to AWS services: One of the biggest reasons to move to the VMware Cloud on AWS is the access to the wide range services available in the AWS ecosystem. These include storage, compute, analytics, IoT, mobile, and much more.

VMware offers a wide array of options for enterprises looking to move a virtualization infrastructure to the cloud.

Whether you're looking to migrate VMs, workloads, or even entire data centers to the cloud, AWS is more than up to the task. Amazon offers what's called AWS Direct Connect, which allows you to set up a dedicated network connection from an existing network infrastructure to AWS.

VMware on AWS allows you to move beyond the traditional monolithic approach to IT and embrace an elastic software defined networking (SDN) environment with the scalability to meet the demands of the most critical business applications.

Are your network security and monitoring tools ready for the move?

Densely populated virtual environments are targeted by attackers. VMs contain sensitive data, encryption keys and personal data. Maintaining infrastructure visibility is critical in preventing breaches and data loss. The AWS Shared Responsibility Model means you are responsible for securing your assets in the cloud.

A move to the public cloud is not the time to neglect the importance of absolute visibility and network security. APCON offers a solution to monitor your intra-VM traffic that's compatible with the VMware Cloud on AWS solution. IntellaTap-VM captures, filters, slices and forwards virtual machine traffic to security and performance monitoring appliances, allowing you to maintain visibility of your entire VMware infrastructure both on site and within AWS.

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