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Ransomware exploits network weaknesses

There’s no better time to verify that your network is equipped with maximum security measures.

In 2020, global businesses lost $350m to ransomware, up 311% from 2019.

If your organization is a cell phone company, a hospital, or even a tech giant like Microsoft, your sensitive systems and databases may be vulnerable.

In the healthcare industry, hospitals and clinics across two states were forced to cancel surgeries and other services due to a ransomware attack that prohibited staff access to administrative systems. Even though some ransomware groups have pledged to spare hospitals, schools, and critical infrastructure from attacks, critical health providers continue to get infected — perhaps because many ransomware groups still consider them profitable targets.

A leading telecommunication company recently confirmed that a sophisticated cyberattack, made possible by an unprotected network gateway, gave hackers direct access to the company’s backup servers. The personal information of millions of people — names, birthdates, social security numbers, PINs, and driver’s license numbers — was reportedly ransomed at various prices.

Offering realtime network solutions that raise your level of preparedness is one of APCON’s prime directives. For instance, APCON Bypass TAPs provide the most advanced inline bypass switch technologies enabling decryption, IPS, and other threat management tools to actively guard and protect any size network whether it's 1G copper, 100G fiber or anything between. The IntellaView Bypass TAP blade is a fail-safe solution that bypasses offline appliances and delivers traffic to functioning security tools to keep networks operational and constantly scanning for invasive threats.

To find out more about how APCON’s Bypass TAP solutions can help protect your network, contact our sales team for a discussion and demo.

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