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Beat Ransomware by Monitoring Packet-level Traffic

Online criminals make every effort to breach networks using data from multiple sources with the goal of installing ransomware (or some other form of malware) to advance their nefarious motives.

It can start with something as simple as responding to what appears to be a harmless email. Phishing and Social Engineering are popular techniques that cyber-criminals use to get their digital foot in the doors of targeted networks. Ransomware is often disguised within a seemingly legitimate email that asks the addressee to click on an attachment or link. The damaging snippets can hide in virtually any file type. Once the trap is triggered, the ransomware slips into the network traffic stream or vulnerable administrative software systems.

In addition to emails, RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), Malvertising, Drive-By Downloads from Compromised Websites, MSPs (Managed Service Providers), RMM (Remote Monitoring Management), USB drives, and Infected Files are all potential entry points whereby even cautious employees can unwittingly introduce malicious code into your network.

With multiple entry points available, the odds are slim that every cyber-threat can be kept safely outside your firewall. Once inside, even the best IT technicians can’t defend against something they can’t see. Most, if not all, networks have potential packet-level blind spots in the ingress/egress of data. When you maximize your security intelligence within your network, you equip your team to detect and respond to malicious code quickly before it can sabotage your business operations.

By deploying a modern hybrid visibility platform, organizations can gain 20/20 vision into hybrid networks spanning cloud, virtualized, and on-premises to detect invasions and initiate a counterattack that minimizes the damage.

APCON’s IntellaView platform, with advanced features like deduplicationdeep packet inspection, and protocol header stripping, as well as Bypass TAPs, deliver filtered traffic to your security and network monitoring tools. As you maximize your network visibility and shore up your ransomware defenses, the advanced features above can also extend the life of your current security tools. This extended life span is possible because your tools receive only traffic of interest, data is optimized for the specific needs of each component, and traffic is delivered at the prescribed bandwidth.

With APCON, you can help keep hackers and their ransomware attacks at bay with tools that make it difficult for malicious code to flow unchecked through network traffic and prevent system downtime.

To find out more about how APCON's visibility solutions can help keep you network safe, contact our sales team.

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