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Defend Your Network with Full Traffic Visibility

Today's news includes a ransomware attack that forced one of the largest gas pipelines in the USA to shut down. This cyberattack is a symptom of the larger problem of security gaps that exist within the networks of many utilities, government agencies, and corporate entities.

We take network protection very seriously at APCON. As network visibility experts, we provide customers in every industry with network monitoring and security solutions that deliver the right network traffic to the appropriate tools while revealing real time insights. APCON's family of scalable solutions increases visibility, improves security, and optimizes monitoring tool efficiency for even the most strictly guarded networks.

Enhanced network visibility significantly increases the efficiency and effectiveness of network security, analytics, and performance monitoring solutions, all of which help pinpoint potentially dangerous traffic indicative of a possible breach.

Cyberattacks are an unavoidable part of the IT landscape. Now is the time to shore up your defenses against an ever-emboldened cybercriminal population targeting networks to extort money, create social unrest, or steal confidential information.

You can learn more about APCON's solutions here — purpose-built to safeguard your data and networks.

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