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Illuminate Your Security with a Next-Gen Packet Broker

The IT industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Each year, disruptive technologies like 5G mobile networks, IoT connected devices, data-intensive video streaming and big data applications are introduced to the market. While these new technologies provide many benefits and opportunities for growth, they also create a new set of security challenges for organizations.

One of the main concerns is maintaining visibility over an exponential increase in data traversing the network. More data means network traffic speeds and capacity grow at an unprecedented rate, which creates challenges for existing network monitoring and security tools. These tools can be overwhelmed by too much data and begin to drop network packets, creating blind spots and vulnerabilities within critical infrastructure, and in some cases can lead to an expensive tool sprawl.

With these challenges in mind, and knowing that cyber adversaries are always on the lookout for security gaps, let's take a look at a few examples of how a next-generation Network Packet Broker solution can illuminate any blind spot and protect networks from:


The average cost of a data breach globally is *$3.86 million. A security breach can result in costly downtime, lost business, lawsuits and a tarnished reputation. Unfortunately, threats are not always easy to detect and can be overlooked by overwhelmed security and monitoring tools.

Total network visibility is a core element of protecting your network and shedding light on emerging cyber threats. By delivering the right network traffic to the appropriate security tools, APCON's solutions eliminate visibility gaps, reduce cyber exposure and help increase the efficiency of existing monitoring tools.

*2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study by Ponemon Institute.

Shadow IT

Shadow IT are projects managed outside of the IT department, such as file sharing apps and collaboration tools. While IT is not responsible for the physical infrastructure, it's still responsible for ensuring security and compliance for the corporate data employees are uploading.

Instead of viewing this as a threat, a complete visibility solution illuminates shadow IT and enables IT departments to better secure their networks. IT departments can see which applications may be an issue and proactively mitigate risks and threats.

Vulnerabilities and Tool Failure

If there are blind spots on your network, you are at risk. While the most common vulnerabilities are low severity, they are often the ones left unresolved because organizations either don't understand the risk associated with it or their security tools have simply overlooked it. Until they're patched, vulnerabilities of any size leave organizations open to potential threats. A versatile network monitoring solution grants visibility to traffic in the right places across your network.

The increase in usage of inline security tools also increases the risk of network data loss or downtime when these tools fail or require maintenance. An external bypass TAP maintains high network availability by keeping traffic flowing on the network when inline tools suffer a failure. It can immediately detect an issue with an inline tool, route traffic around the affected tool and issue an alert to prompt action to resolve the problem.

APCON solutions are purpose built to enable complete visibility into your growing network. By aggregating and filtering data, existing security and monitoring tools receive only the information they need for analysis and mask the irrelevant data, allowing for maximum efficiency and hassle-free adaption to new technologies. Contact our experts to see how APCON can support your digital business transformation:

To experience next-generation network visibility, check out our latest hybrid visibility platform:

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