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Enhanced packet-level monitoring - IntellaView v1.08

​Network monitoring platforms help organizations understand the traffic flowing through their datacenters. The key is not just “watching” the flow of data but truly “seeing” the types of incoming content and differentiating expected traffic from potential threats.

APCON systems go beyond categorizing high-level data like source IP, destination IP, or ports used. They are finely tuned to reveal packet-level traffic characteristics. When the right data is forwarded to your security and/or monitoring tools, IT teams can get immediate insight into network threats or slowdowns and help identify harmful, excess, or unnecessary traffic that may need to be rerouted, examined in more detail, or eliminated.

APCON’s visibility platform, IntellaView, has just been updated to version 1.08, which delivers a clear view into your network traffic. A list of the new features includes:

  • NEW 1.5RU Single-Slot Chassis (ACI-4010-C)

    • Compact design that holds any APCON IntellaView blade while taking up minimal space​
  • IntellaView Platform Enhancements

    • Many-to-X Bypass Tap Connections allowing one set of tools to monitor multiple network segments
    • Dynamic update of filter rules
  • IntellaView Advanced Multi-Switch Package

    • Ability to synchronize individual settings across all switches in a Multi-Switch family (up to 5 switches), and when adding a new switch
  • IntellaView EdgeSwitch

    • Tunnel management for EdgeSwitch

These are just a few of the many advanced features you can review in the firmware release notes posted here.

To learn how visibility technology and data filtering are critical to the security of your high-speed network, visit or contact an APCON representative.

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NEW Firmware/Software Release: IntellaView v1.12 is now available for download.
NEW Firmware/Software Release: IntellaView v1.12 is now available for download.

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