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Put Switch Management in the Palm of Your Hand

As network speeds, bandwidth, and switch management complexities continue to expand, your data center operations and security teams need easy, real-time access to manage network switches. IntellaView provides the management interface for the APCON IntellaView Next-Generation, Advanced Hybrid Visibility Platform. APCON now offers a new-and-improved mobile application that puts all switch management control at your fingertips through a wireless connection — anytime, from anywhere.

For companies using APCON IntellaView switches, the new IntellaView Mobile Application v2.0 for Android and iOS devices is a major upgrade from the previous mobile version. The upgraded app includes new features and enhancements, additional support for new hardware, and offers detailed configuration capabilities. Download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store at no charge.

In previous versions, the app supported only the initial setup of IntellaView switches over Bluetooth (BT).  After installing the Mobile App 2.0 on your mobile device, you can connect wirelessly to your IntellaView switches. You can manage a switch wirelessly via your phone’s Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Mobile Data connections. If the switch is not reachable from your phone’s internet connection, you may need to use a tunneling connection like a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to gain access to the switch.

Those familiar with the previous look and feel of the IntellaView GUI will feel right at home with the upgraded IntellaView Mobile 2.0. Once wirelessly connected to a switch within the Mobile App, a user can configure and manage one or more switches just like they would in the past through a desktop or laptop computer.

Supported platforms

  • Android 9.0 or later
  • iOS

Supported mobile devices

  • Android phones and tablets
  • Apple iPhone, iPad

Supported switches

  • APCON IntellaView chassis

    • 1.5RU
    • 3RU
    • 5RU
    • 9RU

Many features and enhancements simplify switch management with the IntellaView Mobile App 2.0. Examples that streamline everyday business activities include:

  • A new Dashboard providing a quick overview of Connections, switch health, and any users who are accessing the switch
  • Viewing/editing Connections and seeing alerts and statistics for those Connections
  • Reviewing Alarms on the switch, as well as the last 200 events
  • List of users that have access to the chassis, as well their details
  • Collecting logs, viewing health checks, and completing many other tasks available under the GUI Maintenance menu

If you are not yet an IntellaView user, let an APCON representative show you the business benefits of network-wide visibility, high-density scalability, and a lower total cost of ownership. You can also get a preview of the features of our switches and the IntellaView Mobile App GUI by selecting “View Demo Mode” in the mobile application. Using this mode, you don't have to own an IntellaView switch to learn more about the functionality of our IntellaView switches through the mobile application.

When you deploy the IntellaView platform, switch management is quick and convenient with the IntellaView Mobile App. An APCON representative can get you started.

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