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Magnify Traffic Visibility for Security in VMware Networks

According to Gartner's Forecast Overview: Information Security, Worldwide, 2017 Update report, "regulatory compliance and data privacy have been major factors driving spending on security in the past three years, particularly in the U.S. More recently, spending in Europe has been driven by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) being adopted in April 2016, while in China, the Cybersecurity Law (CSL) came into effect in June 2017."*

Today organizations are seeing the coexistence of private and public cloud, and on-premise networks, which are driving IT, security and compliance teams to look for more flexible monitoring solutions to improve security. The ability to expand monitoring solutions, proven for the physical networks, and demonstrate the same level of monitoring reliability and ability to operate at scale required for virtual networks is critical especially as high profile cyberattacks and data breaches are relentlessly hitting businesses all over the world. Protecting reputation, revenue and meeting regulations for data privacy are still going to be top of mind for IT and security teams in 2018.

Coordinating and architecting monitoring in a VMware network

The pace organizations are moving workloads to private cloud environments is accelerating. APCON customers are working with our professional services team to integrate, coordinate and leverage existing monitoring technologies as well as new investments for a single view of traffic flows across their entire network.

There are challenges diagnosing network performance and security issues when visibility doesn't entail seeing what is happening with intra-VM traffic. Traditional security and monitoring tools weren't designed with cloud and virtualized networks in mind, which means some traffic can be missed completely. This leads to network blind spots and raises the level of risk and security concerns.

APCON's magnified visibility for VMware environments

Virtual Agent: APCON's IntellaTap-VM is a virtual monitoring solution that captures, filters, slices and forwards VMware traffic. It takes the optimized packets and delivers them to the user's security monitoring tools.

**Centralized Management:**TITAN provides an intuitive GUI interface for the configuration and administration of the IntellaTap-VM VMware visibility solution. TITAN communicates with the VMware vCenter to identify and activate TAP points within the virtual network. It sets traffic filters, adjusts to migration events and allows users to forward traffic through GRE tunnels. TITAN is a single configuration and management application that provides an overall visibility of the entire APCON deployment whether in virtual or physical networks.

Fully integrated and unified visibility solution: When monitoring both physical and virtual networks APCON's network visibility switch with the HyperEngine packet processing blade and/or the IntellaStore family blades serves as a GRE endpoint. This allows the mirrored data via the IntellaTap-VM agents in the VMware network to be further conditioned using features such as packet deduplication, filtering, slicing and deep packet inspection before sending data of interest to security tools. IntellaStore family blades also provide the ability to capture, store and send data to integrated third party virtual analysis tools or security applications for forensics, threat detection, vulnerability scanning and much more.

Monitor your VMware network now

Test IntellaTap-VM for 30-days with our free trial. If you would like to chat with someone please use the chat tool. Alternatively, our contact us page has more information on how to reach us.

Learn more about monitoring virtual networks

Last month the blog team interviewed Jeremy Castile, product marketing manager at APCON. We asked him five questions on the topic of virtual networks. Questions ranged from why companies are deploying this technology to what are the security risks. Here's the link.

We also posted a blog on monitoring cloud and virtual environments; highlighting the solutions the APCON team demonstrated at Cloud Expo Europe. Read more here.

* Gartner, "Forecast Overview: Information Security, Worldwide, 2017 Update" Elizabeth Kim, Christian Canales, Ruggero Contu, Sid Deshpande, Lawrence Pingree, 29 November 2017.

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