Info Security and Holiday Shopping

by APCON Staff - Department Specialist

According to the National Retail Federation- more than 174 million consumers shopped during Thanksgiving weekend.  Over this five day period,... Continue reading

Enhance Security with Virtual Traffic Monitoring

by APCON Staff - Department Specialist

With the trend toward companies of all sizes migrating to cloud architectures, Jeremy Castile, product marketing manager at APCON, discusses the... Continue reading

Beware of Breaches

by APCON Staff - Department Specialist

It’s Halloween - let’s get spooky with a look at some of the scariest breaches of 2017.Equifax: The Equifax breach might be the most notable of the... Continue reading

Ports Statistics Window Enhances Network Troubleshooting

by APCON Staff - Department Specialist

This is number three in our blog series on the new features available in our v5.14 firmware release for the IntellaFlex XR family. In this post we... Continue reading