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IntellaView Enhances Advanced Packet Processing

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Wilsonville, Oregon

APCON, a leading provider of intelligent network packet broker solutions, today announced enhanced packet processing features for its IntellaView Platform, a next-generation hybrid visibility and security solution.

The new firmware release offers new capabilities and enhanced packet processing features that provide data access and virtual monitoring integration for securing hybrid workloads running in private cloud, public cloud and on-premise infrastructures.

Enterprises migrating to next-generation data centers and cloud networks face a variety of network monitoring and security challenges. While migrating, organizations run the risk of creating visibility and security gaps that traditional monitoring and security tools often can't detect or fix. Additionally, high-speed, high-density infrastructures with duplicate packets in network traffic can result in monitoring and security tool oversubscription, false positives and inaccurate performance reporting.

"Digital business transformations significantly increase the amount of network traffic and data that organizations need to handle," said Richard Rauch, president and CEO of APCON.

This brings a new level of complexity in network visibility as well as the ability to closely monitor application performance, network stability and security threats. IntellaView's advanced features can reduce network traffic and increase utilization and the effectiveness of security and monitoring tools, therefore optimizing IT efficiencies and maximizing ROI for the existing network infrastructure.

Some of the key enhancements and capabilities of the IntellaView platform include:

Packet Deduplication

Full network visibility across hybrid infrastructures involves viewing traffic at several points. While this increases overall visibility, some packets will be monitored at multiple points, creating duplicate packets. IntellaView's advanced Deduplication feature can monitor every packet in the data stream and remove duplicates. It enables duplicate matching across layers 2, 3 and 4 headers with configurable selections that include fields for Deduplication algorithm. This improves tool efficiency and accuracy and reduces recording space requirements, providing greater visibility while lowering overall costs.

Packet Slicing

Legislation such as HIPAA, PCI and others demand data confidentiality. The enhanced Packet Slicing feature of IntellaView can remove confidential information to comply with regulatory requirements and leave the packet headers intact. Stripping sensitive payload data from packets before it reaches monitoring tools ensures that sensitive data is not stored outside secure boundaries. Some federal policies, for instance financial industry regulations, mandate data storage standards and Packet Slicing also helps lower storage costs by reducing payload volume. Packet Slicing also increases security and analytics tool utilization while reducing data volume, creating greater efficiency, security and reduction in costs.

Protocol (Header) Stripping

Data packets are often encapsulated using various protocol headers which help these packets reach their ultimate destination. However, these protocol headers are not needed or used by various monitoring, diagnostic and security tools. By stripping away the header information, IntellaView's advanced feature enables existing tools to operate at maximum efficiency. Types of protocol headers that can be stripped include GRE, NVGRE, VxLAN, VLAN, ERSPAN II & III, FabricPath and MPLS.

Tunnel Termination

Terminating encapsulated tunnel traffic enables end-to-end network monitoring in a hybrid environment. The IntellaView's enhanced Tunnel Termination feature de-encapsulates the tunnel traffic to ensure monitoring, security and analytics tool compatibility and hence to achieve total network visibility.

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NEW RELEASE: IntellaView Enterprise | Centralized Software Management System. Learn More

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