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The New IntellaView 100G Bypass TAP Blade

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The IntellaView Optical Bypass Tap.
Wilsonville, Oregon

Protect Network Traffic and Extend 10G Security Tool Lifespan with New 40G and 100G Bypass Tap Blades

APCON, a leader in network visibility and security solutions, announced the release of its new blade, IntellaView Bypass TAP Blade, that provides inline bypass behavior for six network taps. Technology teams can continue to leverage 10G tools, keep 100G traffic flowing, and maintain network availability when security tools are offline or malfunction.

"APCON has proven yet again that not all bypass tap blades are created equal," said Richard Rauch, President and CEO of APCON.

The IntellaView Bypass TAP Blade benefits IT organizations with advanced features and functionality to protect network traffic and optimize older generation tools with the hardware required for high-speed 100G networks.

Heartbeat Monitoring: Don't miss a beat with tool failover and failback.

The IntellaView Bypass TAP Blade automatically detects and bypasses a failed or offline security tool in milliseconds with heartbeat and link state monitoring functionality and distributes traffic to other security tools to keep network traffic moving. Network teams gain a broader range of flexibility and control to detect problems and take corrective action -- rerouting traffic if necessary.

Security Tool Redundancy: No one tool can handle all of today's traffic.

Inline tools are vital to protect networks from a wide range of threats from intrusion and data loss to access control and application security; they are also expensive and require maintenance. The IntellaView Bypass Tap Blades supports a load balance group (LBG) for tool redundancy and provides the ability to set up filters to send a subset of the traffic of interest to the relevant tools.


For more information about the IntellaView Optical Bypass TAP, please visit

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