Important Firmware Update

Adobe Flash End-of-Life

As you may have heard, Adobe stopped supporting Flash Player on December 31, 2020. The software vendors of all major commercial web browsers have completely removed Flash from their browsers on December 30, 2020. Please check directly with the vendor of your browser for more specific details.

In order to support older products that rely on Adobe Flash for browser-based management, APCON has developed a new Air App that can be used with non-Flash browsers. The table shown highlights the impacted APCON product families.

If you are using one of the affected APCON Product families in the table shown, you will need to get the latest version of Firmware from APCON, which will contain the Air App specific to the product you are running in production. Log in to the APCON Support Site to download the required software. If you need any assistance, please contact APCON Support at 503 388-7648.

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Product FamilyNotes

IntellaPatch XE
Chassis and Blades
(End of life)

New APCON Air App:
Update to Firmware Version 4.35.14

IntellaFlex XR
Chassis and Blades

Update to WebXR 6.0 or later

IntellaFlex XR

New APCON Air App:
Update to Firmware Version 2.6

IntellaStore II / II+Update to WebXR 6.0 or later

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