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APCON, Inc. is committed to maintaining your trust. This statement explains why we collect information from you, what we do with that information, and the circumstances under which we may disclose such information.

Information Requests

APCON offers a variety of resources. For access to some resources on our site, we may ask you to provide basic contact information. This information may be used for newsletters, events, surveys, or other communication.

When you choose to download software from the APCON support site, your email address and other contact information is required. If you wish to participate in other APCON services or to access free software, manuals, upgrades, and other resources, your email address and other contact information is required.


Unless you opt out, we may use your information to mail or email promotional materials. We do not sell, trade, rent, share or distribute usernames, email addresses, or registration information to outside organizations not affiliated with APCON, or who are not partners of APCON. We may share your information with APCON registered and certified channel partners. Unless we specify differently, our channel partners do not have the right to use or share the information we share with them beyond what is necessary to assist APCON.


We use common technologies such as cookies and web beacons to keep track of interactions with our website. Cookies are small text files that most websites, including APCON's, place on your computer. Cookies help us identify your interests. They also prevent the need for repeated registration when downloading resources. APCON will not use cookies to track your activities on the web outside of our site. No cookie delivered by APCON will interfere with the operation of your computer.

If you do not want your site usage information collected, you can adjust your browser settings to not accept cookies (if your browser supports this feature).

Web beacons are electronic images that may be used on our website or in our communications, to count the number of website visits, or to tell if an email has been opened and acted upon.

How We Use Your Information

APCON may use the information you provide to inform you about products, services, or events.

We may use your information to help APCON manage, maintain, and improve our products, services, or your website experience.

In those instances in which our sharing policy is expressly noted at the time you provide your information, we may provide your information to the partners specified in the notice. The use of this information by that partner will then be subject to that partner's privacy policies.

APCON may share quantitative data gathered from its users, in aggregate form, with others such as advertisers or sponsors. No individual information is provided in these instances.

Every marketing email from APCON has instructions on how to unsubscribe to opt out of future mailings.

If you have supplied APCON with a telephone number, you may receive telephone calls from us with information about our products and services or events.

We do receive information on individual users from our partners. APCON partners have assured us they will notify site users of their intent to collect information. You should review the privacy policies of those partner sites to confirm the way in which they handle their users' information.

General Considerations

APCON uses industry-standard best practices, with the goal of keeping your information safe. APCON makes no guarantees regarding the safety of the information you provide to us. There may be technical problems beyond our control that may make it accessible to unauthorized persons. There may also be visitors to the site who gather and use the information available there.

There may be occasions when APCON is required to provide information in adherence with a court order, or when the law requires that user information be shared or treated as a transferable asset, such as a bankruptcy.

APCON Mobile App Privacy Policy

The next four paragraphs address APCON's Mobile App privacy policy.

We do not charge for the APCON IntellaView Mobile application because it is considered a strategic tool that adds value to our customers who purchase our products, and educates potential customers about the capabilities of our products through the usage of the DEMO mode.

The APCON Mobile App reads the mobile device's phone and network state so as to identify the mobile device's unique ID. This ID is used by Google Cloud Messaging System to allow notification to be sent to the mobile device from the user's switch(es) and TITAN.

Understanding a Device's Network Locations

To scan and connect to a switch over Bluetooth, Bluetooth must be enabled on your mobile device and you must allow the application to use Bluetooth when it requests to do so. The APCON IntellaView Mobile application may request access to your device’s location. This may be required to connect to a switch via Bluetooth.

To access your IntellaView products over the mobile device's network/internet connection through the APCON IntellaView Mobile application, your network/internet connection must be turned on in the mobile device, and you must not deny the application access to the mobile devices network/internet connection.

Receiving Alerts and Information -- including wake lock

Alert and event notifications can be sent to the APCON IntellaView Mobile application from the user's switch(es) and/or TITAN.

Google Analytics

APCON IntellaView Mobile application uses Google Analytics to understand basic information about customer usage. Here are the events that we specifically count inside the application:

  • The collective number of login events
    • Whether the login was over Bluetooth, the internet, or the demo mode.
    • This helps us understand how our customers prefer to connect to their IntellaView products.
  • The total number of times, collectively, each screen is accessed
    • This helps us identify what workflows are most important to our customers.

Google collates information for us as part of using Google Analytics. Examples of this type of information are:

  • Number of unique users
  • Average time spent in the application
  • Other standard events defined by Google (number of application updates, number of OS updates, etc...).

This information helps us understand how many customers use the mobile application, and how long, on average, they spend working in the application.

As of the time of writing this policy, all the currently collected events are marked as 'NPA' in the Google Analytics platform. According to the terms of Google's service agreement, Google should not send you any 'Personalized Ads' based on the information gathered through the APCON IntellaView Mobile application.

The APCON Mobile App accesses a mobile device's location so as to identify the user's nearest switch closet and TITAN. The switch closet and TITAN are then represented as icons on the APCON Mobile App map.

Receiving Alerts and Information -- including wake lock

The APCON IntellaView Mobile application does not access the user's voice, video, or photographs on the mobile device.

Policy Updates

We may revise our privacy policy in the future to adjust to such changes. We recommend you check it frequently. If you have questions or comments on this Privacy Statement, please submit them by contacting us.


If you apply for a job on the APCON careers page, your application and any additional information that you provide will be used to assess your knowledge, skills, and abilities for that position. When you access our application tracking system, you are asked to provide your authorization for APCON to collect, use, process, store, and distribute your personal data as you enter it. In addition, information that you provide will be used for reporting purposes as required by Federal and State laws. We may use your information to communicate with you about career opportunities.

NEW Firmware/Software Release: IntellaView v1.12 is now available for download.
NEW Firmware/Software Release: IntellaView v1.12 is now available for download.

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