The dashboard of the IntellaTap-VM software interface.
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The APCON Enterprise dashboard.


IntellaView Enterprise

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Product information

APCON's new software product, IntellaView Enterprise, is a next-gen solution in multi-switch management. Creating and editing switch connections across multiple devices is easy and efficient with an intuitive, user-friendly design and customizable features. New streamlined navigation and workflows enable quick access to apply sweeping changes — and all from your browser or the IntellaView Mobile app.
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The APCON Enterprise dashboard.

Create/View Connections

The Connections page enables the creation of new connections and trunks, as well as editing and deploying existing connections.

Statistics and Graphs

Real-time and historical data are accessible topically and graphically. Users have access to a collection of customizable, statistical graph templates for frequently-needed data graphs.

Advanced New Dashboard

The dynamic Dashboard displays information only for the switches selected in the Devices selection set. While on the Dashboard, view widgets that provide a graphical, high-level overview of important switch activity.


IntellaView Enterprise Features

Without centralized management capabilities, IT teams are required to “touch” every switch by logging in and establishing Connections, Load Balance Groups, Blade Port Assignments, etc. For multiple switches, this is a tedious, labor-intensive task that can lead to other related challenges for IT teams.

To address these issues, APCON created a next-generation solution for multi-switch management that provides comprehensive control of multiple switches from a single device.

Customizable Dashboard and Device Selector

The new advanced, customizable Dashboard is dynamic and constrains the information displayed to the devices selected in the Devices sidebar. The Dashboard includes widgets that provide a graphical, high-level overview of important IntellaView Enterprise activity. Users can add and remove widgets using the Select Widget modal. The widgets then can be moved and organized for easy access to frequently used information. Dashboard configuration settings are saved for each user across individual user sessions.

The Devices sidebar eliminates the need to navigate between pages when changing devices. Individual devices, multiple devices, and groups of devices can be selected for managing settings, connections, and data.

Connections and Trunk Management

The Connections module displays all available network connections and enables the creation of new connections, editing and deploying existing connections, configuring trunks between switches, and creating multi-switch connections. Connection types:

  • Connections (One-To-One, One-To-Many, Many-To-Many)
  • Duplex Connections
  • Trunk and Shared Trunk Connections
  • Multi-Hop Connections
  • Multi-Switch Trunk Connections

Using Standby Ports, IntellaView Enterprise can configure active and standby ingress ports in a connection as either a failover pair or a failover cluster of ports. Standby Ports ensure traffic continues to be forwarded if a traffic disruption occurs on an active port.