Network Data Deduplication

Enhance your network's speed and monitoring capabilities, increase your security tools' effectiveness, and lower data storage costs by removing duplicate packets.

By removing duplicate data, the IntellaView Platform reduces the volume of traffic sent to your tools, improving their efficiency.

Remove duplicate packets

Boost network accuracy

Complete visibility of data center networks requires viewing traffic at multiple monitoring points. While this increases overall visibility, duplicate traffic can increase storage costs, overload network monitoring tools and adversely affect reporting. Traffic Deduplication improves monitoring tool efficiency, accuracy, and recording space requirements. This enables monitoring tools to provide greater visibility while lowering overall costs.

Port-based Deduplication is included in the IntellaView and IntellaFlex XR multi-function blades and the IntellaStore II+ Appliance. It is a selectable feature that provides industry-leading levels of packet Deduplication prior to sending data to your monitoring tools, and includes configurable duplicate match criteria. Port-based Deduplication provides an integrated cost-effective solution for standard monitoring deployments.


  • Eliminate duplicate packets

  • Select duplicate match criteria

  • Duplicate matching across 2, 3, and 4 headers

  • Configurable window size up to 500ms


  • Saves monitoring tool costs

  • Increases efficiency, reduces load on tools

  • Avoids tool reporting errors

  • Improves data recording storage

See it in action

Schedule a demo today for access to our online demo center and see how easy it is to use IntellaView to set up port-based Deduplication on live data.

Schedule a demo

Two APCON packet aggregators help our geographically-dispersed data centers to collect TAP and SPAN traffic and deliver them to our analytics tools. Being able to apply the Deduplication feature reduces tool costs. APCON gave us the ability to scale our analytics infrastructure.

Deduplication hardware

Enhance network performance

Capture duplicate data packets before they cause problems and decrease speed. Packet Deduplication is a licensable feature on the following APCON hardware:

An IntellaView 9RU, 5RU, and 3RU chassis each filled with various blades.

Ultra-high performance network visibility


Packet Deduplication up to 600G per Hyperengine and 400G per E36 blade can increase cache size and extend your caching window to improve tool efficiency and increase speed and performance.

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Deduplication blades
Deduplication blades
Front page of IntellaView Deduplication Pool Case Study

IntellaView Case Study

High-Speed Deduplication Helps Financial Provider Optimize Its Cybersecurity Measures

One of APCON’s long-time financial banking institution customers chose APCON for having the ability to not only deduplicate the traffic with bigger incremental pool sizes, but also to support line rate multifunction capabilities like Port Tagging, Protocol (Header) Stripping, and Load Balancing.

NEW RELEASE: IntellaView Enterprise | Centralized Software Management System. Learn More
NEW RELEASE: IntellaView Enterprise | Centralized Software Management System. Learn More

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