Network latency measurement

For financial companies operating high- speed trading networks, millisecond delays can mean missed opportunity. To make sure transactions happen as quickly as possible, banks and exchanges must measure network latency to prove they are providing the lowest possible latency to traders, clients, and customers.

By comparing the timestamps on packets at multiple network nodes, transactional latency can be calculated.

Minimize latency

Timestamping packets

In stock exchanges and other automated trading environments, network latency is expressed as the delay induced as a transaction packet traverses the network. In this environment, millisecond-level delays can have a profound effect on a trader's results, so timestamping packets is crucial. Financial companies operating high-speed trading networks are therefore uniquely sensitive to latency, and must always monitor to identify and reduce it.


  • Measure network latency

  • GPS, IRIG-B, PTP, PPS, NTP time signals

  • PPS synchronization between blades

  • Ingress Timestamping

  • Low-latency switching


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IntellaStore II+

Ideal for advanced network monitoring

Ideal for midsize data centers and remote locations, the IntellaStore II+ combines our world-class Packet Aggregation and filtering technology with advanced features such as integrated traffic capture, storage, and onboard analysis tools.
Explore IntellaStore II+

Feature-rich out of the box

Twelve ports of 1G or 10G Ethernet and two ports of 40G Ethernet provide high-speed data network monitoring. All ports include Aggregation, Filtering and Any-to-Any and Multicast Connections. Ten 1G/10G ports also feature APCON’s advanced multi-function features including Deduplication, Load Balancing, Protocol (Header) Stripping, Timestamping, Tunneling and Packet Slicing.

Multi-Function Pipeline

The Multi-Function Pipeline feature allows up to three operations to be performed on packets passing through a single port.

IntellaFlex XR 36-port multi-function blade

Minimize your network latency

The IntellaFlex packet aggregator blade includes network Packet Deduplication, Protocol (Header) Stripping, Packet Slicing and timestamping features. This blade is optimized for Ethernet network monitoring applications.

Port density

36 ports 1G / 10G Ethernet

Timing services


The first page of a .pdf document with the title 'Global Financial Corporation Upgrades Network and Security Monitoring.'

IntellaView Case Study

Global financial corporation upgrades its security monitoring

The financial industry remains a target for cyber threats with potentially high rewards for persistent attackers.

This APCON customer is an American worldwide banking and financial services corporation that operates in 35 countries with over 50,000 employees. With investments of high-net-worth individuals at stake, the IT department needed to make sure its network security was up to date.

NEW RELEASE: IntellaView Enterprise | Centralized Software Management System. Learn More
NEW RELEASE: IntellaView Enterprise | Centralized Software Management System. Learn More

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