Pattern matching

As new network attack vectors emerge and network traffic volume increases, the need to monitor traffic at high rates is ever increasing. Pattern matching is another feature of APCON’s IntellaView and IntellaFlex HyperEngines that allows SecOps and NetOps teams to match packet contents and filter for specific traffic. This feature allows you to search on individual packets or sessions to identify data based on patterns in any part of the packet payload.

APCON’s pattern matching uses regular expressions (regexs) to match packet contents in near real time.

Find the needle in the haystack

React intelligently to identified traffic patterns

Today’s network security monitoring tools can benefit from pattern matching to identify potentially dangerous traffic. Using our deep packet inspection technology (DPI), the contents of packets can be matched against patterns of known traffic to identify content, including attack-carrying packets, that can then be forwarded accordingly. APCON’s pattern matching uses regular expressions (regexs) to match packet contents in near real time.

There are many possible actions you can apply on pattern matches, including:

  • None: useful for getting stats or insights into the traffic
  • Mask: swap out the text that matches the regex with a user-specified character
  • Pass: pass packets that match the regex
  • Drop: drop packets that match the regex
  • Session pass: pass all packets in the flow when a packet matches the regex
  • Session drop: drop all packets in the flow when a packet matches the regex


  • Six different actions that can be applied to matching packets

  • Filter traffic on individual packets

  • Filter traffic on sessions


  • Ensure HIPPA & PCI DSS compliance

  • Enable more efficient tool usage

  • Mask personally identifiable information (PII)

  • Malicious content and intrusion detection

See how it works

Schedule a demo today for access to our online demo center to see how easy it is to use IntellaView to set up pattern matching to filter packet contents according to regular expressions.

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Pattern matching hardware

Enhance network performance

Intelligently identify traffic patterns and potentially dangerous traffic by using regular expressions to match packet contents. Pattern matching is a licensable feature on the following APCON hardware:

Ultra-high performance network visibility


The IntellaView HyperEngine enables real time packet processing of 100G network traffic to prevent tool oversubscription and supports up to 600G total throughput through six packet processing service engines that can be run concurrently.

Explore IntellaView
Pattern matching blades
  • IntellaView

    HyperEngine Packet Processor


    • real time processing across 1G / 10G / 40G / 100G feeds, supporting up to 600G total throughput
    • Shared source ports can use the same service engine
    • Application filtering, pattern matching, traffic shaping, packet deduplication, and NetFlow record generation,
    Learn more

1G / 10G / 40G legacy platform

IntellaFlex XR

The IntellaFlex XR HyperEngine network packet broker blade adds up to 200G of high-performance processing features to IntellaFlex XR monitoring systems. With up to 16 configurable service points, it provides real time processing across 1G / 10G / 40G / 100G feeds.

Pattern matching blades
  • IntellaFlex XR



    • Performance up to 200G
    • 16 internal service points, 2 40G Ethernet ports
    • Packet deduplication, NetFlow generation, tunnel termination, packet slicing, protocol header stripping, and pattern matching
    Learn more

IntellaView Datasheet

Ultra high-speed packet processing

With up to 600G processing capability, the IntellaView HyperEngine can effectively monitor every packet in the high-speed data stream to remove duplicates and improve tool efficiency. It also enables duplicate matching across layers 3 and 4 headers and payload, and supports a large, configurable window size of up to 500ms.

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