Protocol header stripping

Large data centers can carry a wide range of traffic types, including some encapsulated for transport across an enterprise's network. Some analysis tools, though, do not support all encapsulation types and monitoring performance may suffer. APCON hardware includes advanced protocol stripping features to ensure your tools have complete visibility and operate at maximum efficiency.

Protocol stripping is a service that can be applied to ingress or egress ports to remove packet headers of selected network protocols.

Accommodate diverse traffic types

Level up your network monitoring

Protocols such as VLAN, VLAN Q-in-Q, FabricPath, MPLS, VXLAN, GPRS, and GTP are used in various network configurations to encapsulate ethernet data to help build highly scalable multipath networks. Such networks are particularly suitable for large virtualized deployments, private clouds, and high-performance computing environments.

APCON's IntellaView platform multi-function blades, as well as the versatile IntellaFlex XR multi-function blades, IntellaStore II+ appliance, and IntellaFlex XR HyperEngine include advanced protocol stripping features (now including VN-tag and GENEVE stripping) to ensure your tools have the right visibility and operate with maximum efficiency.



  • Use performance & security analysis tools regardless of header type

  • Improve network performance, reduce latency & prevent oversubscription of tools

  • Offload header processing from software tools for better application performance

See it working

Schedule a demo today for access to our online demo center to see how easy it is to use IntellaView to set up header stripping with real data on a live aggregation switch.

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Protocol header stripping hardware

Enhance monitoring performance

Header stripping removes tags, headers and encapsulations that your analysis, monitoring, or security tools cannot decode or do not require, maximizing performance. It is a licensable feature on the following APCON hardware:

An IntellaView 9RU, 5RU, and 3RU chassis each filled with various blades.

Ultra-high performance network visibility


APCON's IntellaView Platform multi-function blades include advanced protocol stripping features (now including VN-tag and GENEVE stripping) to ensure diagnostic tools have complete network visibility and operate at maximum efficiency.

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Protocol stripping blades
Protocol stripping blades
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White Paper

Today's data centers need network packet brokers

This EMA white paper presents various emerging network and security operations requirements, and what to look for when evaluating a network packet broker, and the essentials needed for your digital journey.

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