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16-Port 400G Multi-Function
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The IntellaView 400G EdgeSwitch


400G EdgeSwitch


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Product information

The IntellaView 400G EdgeSwitch integrates with your network architecture to provide simpler data management and reduce costs. IT teams that run distributed data centers can use the IntellaView 400G EdgeSwitch to reduce resources needed to gain visibility at the edge, increase efficiency, and leverage its built-in flexibility to filter packets and send the right traffic to the right security and monitoring tools.

The IntellaView 400G EdgeSwitch is ideal for deployment in conjunction with either leaf or spine switches in large-scale data centers. In a single rack unit, the switch provides an extensive selection of services across all 32 QSFP-DD ports—each port supporting up to 400G of data throughput.

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The IntellaView 400G EdgeSwitch

Product features and specifications


  • 400G, top-of-rack solution for end-of-row traffic aggregation to simplify distributed network environments

  • Remote sites can have complete network visibility into traffic flows, remote worker connections, and new technologies at the packet level

  • TAPs 100G/400G leaf and spine interconnects

  • Affordable, standalone solution improves network monitoring and security

  • Equipped with excellent port density for edge aggregation applications

  • In addition to large-scale networks, the 400G EdgeSwitch also enables fundamental traffic aggregation functionality for small-to-medium businesses

  • Aggregation, Filtering, Port Tagging, Tunneling, Load Balancing, Protocol (Header) Stripping, Trunking to IntellaView

  • Manage each aspect of connections with the IntellaView browser-based GUI



32 QSFP-DD ports of 40G/100G/200G/400G:

  • 64 breakout ports (2x100G)
  • 128 breakout ports (4 x 10G/25G/50G/100G)
  • 256 breakout ports (8 x 10G/25G/50G)
  • RJ-45 serial console port
  • RJ-45 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet port
  • Type A USB storage port
17.32” W x 20.04” D x 1.73” H (44.0 W x 50.9 D x 4.4 H cm)
25.02 lbs (11.35 kg)
Consumption of 1500 watts maximum
Operational Temp.
32 to 104 °F (0 to 40 °C)
Storage Temp.
-40 to 158 °F (-40 to 70 °C)
Relative humidity
Operating: 10-90%; Storage: 5-95%; Non-condensing

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IntellaView EdgeSwitch

400G Throughput Speeds To HandleNew Challenges and Technologies

The 400G EdgeSwitch meets the growing demand for high-speed AI traffic processing in business. Whether at the core or the edge, the need for higher processing speeds is constantly evolving in the worldwide networking community. By providing affordable and scalable technology solutions for IT teams looking to efficiently aggregate, filter, and deliver traffic to security tools, the IntellaView 400G EdgeSwitch offers Traffic Aggregation, Filtering, Load Balancing, Tunnel Management, and Port Tagging in a standalone architecture or as part of a larger visibility solution.

IntellaView Switch Management

The 400G EdgeSwitch is managed with IntellaView, the same familiar interface used to set up features on advanced APCON switches including:

  • Port Aggregation, Port Tagging, Load Balancing, and ingress port Filtering
  • Visual displays for port statistics
  • System views and alerts
  • Easy installation of software upgrades

Traffic Aggregation

Aggregate top-of-rack switches, consolidate remote sites, and collect data from TAPs/SPANs to optimize traffic for monitoring tools.

Traffic Filtering

Aggregate top-of-rack switches, consolidate remote sites, and collect data from TAPs/SPANs to optimize traffic for monitoring tools.

Distribute traffic with Load Balancing group

Optimize traffic flow and processing to increase tool efficiency.

Port Tagging

Determine the origins of data streams by placing tags on packets coming from specific sources (including ERSPAN-based VLAN tagging)

Standby Ports

Configure active and standby ingress ports in a connection as either a failover pair or a failover cluster of ports.

Tunnel Management

Move packets from one network to another, such as out-of-band packets from Hybrid, Public, or Private networks to on-premise network monitoring tools

Trunking to IntellaView

Establish links to carry multiple signals simultaneously between the network and IntellaView switches

Leverage 400G speed & efficiency.Gain visibility at the edge.

IntellaView blades

NEW RELEASE: IntellaView Enterprise | Centralized Software Management System. Learn More
NEW RELEASE: IntellaView Enterprise | Centralized Software Management System. Learn More

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