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Travel, entertainment, and broadcasting companies often have very complex networks running on systems that do not always communicate well with each other. Faced with this level of complexity, IT teams are always seeking better solutions including network packet brokers and monitoring software that can support quicker, more efficient diagnosis of problems within these networks.

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Data speed and accessibility drive the very heartbeat of travel and commercial entertainment providers. The proliferation of on-demand online booking, streaming, and online gaming requires provider networks to expand exponentially, both in the cloud and in the data center.

The rapid growth of all digital mediums (cloud, mobile, third-party portals) and the expansion of corporate IT infrastructures create new vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals are doubling down on their attempts to exploit these new attack surfaces.

Many monitoring and analysis tools are expensive and do not deliver the high performance needed by bookers, broadcasters, or betting institutions, for example. Our scalable solutions offer network traffic aggregation and optimization to send data to all of your security and performance monitoring tools for faster analytics, reduced complexity, and lower cost.

IntellaView Optical Bypass TAP

Eliminate downtime

Organizations choose APCON for network visibility and security because of our unprecedented product compatibility. APCON provides the most advanced external bypass switch technologies and products so you can continue to use your 10G and 40G tools with 100G network traffic and reduce security risks and performance issues if an inline appliance is offline for troubleshooting, updates, or sandboxing. Our Optical Bypass TAP provides advanced functionalities that work seamlessly with all APCON systems – 1.5RU to 9RU.

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Eliminate single points of failure

Automatically bypass security tools with six fail-safe optical bypass TAPs.

Packet level visibility

Achieve complete network visibility with product compatibility.

Advanced filtering

Support tool redundancy and failover with filters that send traffic to relevant tools.

Extend tool life

Extend 10G tools and older lower-rate appliances.

Industry-best bandwidth

future-proof networks for 400G high-speed networks.

Eliminate downtime

Detect inline appliance failure in milliseconds.

future-proof your network

See it. Solve it. Secure it.

APCON technologies provide:


Broadcasters must continuously boost network capacity and introduce new services, devices, and applications to keep up with demand. But with new technology comes an increase in network traffic. Providers require end-to-end network visibility and need to deploy visibility solutions that capture, view, and analyze all data.

If it isn't already, cybersecurity spending should be part of any broadcaster's yearly cost management process. When drawing up budgets, it's most helpful to prioritize investments in the tools that ensure greater information security even though the expenditures may not enhance the bottom line in the short term.

The first page of a .pdf document with the title 'Today's Data Centers Need Visibility That Only a Network Packet Broker Can Provide.'

White Paper

Today's data centers need network packet brokers

This EMA white paper presents various emerging network and security operations requirements and what to look for when evaluating a network packet broker and the essentials you’ll need for your digital journey.

As the travel and tourism sector is embracing emerging technologies to redefine products, services, and consumer experiences, their cyber ecosystems become increasingly vulnerable to security risks related with these technologies, the huge amount of financial transactions they carry out and the valuable customer data they store.

Alexadros ParaskevasUniversity of West London

NEW RELEASE: IntellaView Enterprise | Centralized Software Management System. Learn More
NEW RELEASE: IntellaView Enterprise | Centralized Software Management System. Learn More

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