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Do you have complete visibility to your network traffic with centralized switch management, both on-premises and virtual? TITAN is a multi-switch management software solution that provides packet-level access to the traffic across your entire visibility fabric, including all your IntellaView, IntellaFlex XR and IntellaStore visibility switches that direct streamlined traffic to various security and analytics tools.

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Advanced filtering capabilities

With TITAN's latest release, users can apply filtering on the originating (ingress) side of a Shared Trunk connection.

Batch updates

Monitor and maintain your entire inventory of APCON switches. Schedule backups and updates, create connections, and apply sweeping changes all from your browser.

Virtual networks

Upgrade TITAN with IntellaTap-VM for monitoring virtual networks for seamless visibility of all traffic. Capture East-West traffic to eliminate risky visibility gaps within your networks.

Multi-switch management software


Easily view multiple switch trunks in campus or distributed networks in an intuitive, visual layout. Visualize connections across your network for easy management.

HTML5-based GUI

Responsive, high-performance design for in-browser switch management. Features full accessibility with keyboard navigation, high contrast visuals, and an optimized user experience.


Easily create and manage connections to multiple APCON switches with an intuitive and clear connection management system.


Robust and well-documented API allowing integrations of your entire inventory of APCON switches with your tools for automation, testing, and troubleshooting through a single interface.


Powerful reporting tools with access to system status, alarms, and dozens of event types.


Intuitive calendar-based scheduling for backups and firmware updates.

Titan is phenomenal. Simply type in the name of a switch and find it among 10,000+ routers and switches currently deployed—and from a single pane.

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Global visibilityfor global networks.

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