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Browser-based GUI for IntellaView

IntellaView GUI

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Our on-board browser-based IntellaView management software allows you to view your entire network fabric, including system status and summary of any events. Build, save, view and recall various SPANs/TAPs connections to your IntellaView platform and control the connections between blades and chassis and your network performance monitoring and security tools. Save IT resources by notifying designated users of alert conditions, analyzing network traffic using RMON statistics, scheduling and implementing firmware updates in batch mode, and managing user accounts.

An IntellaView Advanced license adds the capability to manage up to 5 IntellaView switches with a single user login, and IntellaView Enterprise (coming in Spring 2022) offers the ability to manage up to 200. They both allow users to clone settings and permissions to multiple IntellaView blades and chassis for easy setup.

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WiFi compatible

With the WiFi connection enabled, users also have the flexibility to quickly configure and manage their IntellaView platform with a laptop or tablet through the IntellaView management interface.

IntellaView Mobile

Access and configured your IntellaView blades and chassis using an iOS or Android device.


The GUI supports tunnel initiation/termination/de-encapsulation, packet slicing, deduplication, port tagging, NetFlow generation (with HyperEngine), and protocol header stripping features.

Single-switch management interface

IntellaView GUI

Browser-based management software for the IntellaView platform.

Access Control Lists (ACL) filtering

Access Control Lists (ACLs) filter network traffic by controlling whether packets are forwarded or blocked based on criteria specified within the ACL analytics and performance monitoring solutions.

Access Control Lists (ACL) stacks

Visualize your entire network, identify traffic patterns, and quickly update access control lists, selectively permitting or denying traffic by individual ingress or egress ports or to entire ingress or egress connections.

Port properties and statisics

Identify overall port health, port configurations, and port tags for maximum control over traffic flow. View statistics from all or specific ports on all or specific blades installed in the switch on one screen.

Manage connections

Promptly address network traffic to the appropriate security and network monitoring tools. The following flow types are supported:

  • One-to-One
  • One-to-Many
  • Many-to-Many
  • Many-to-One One-to-load balance group (LBG)
  • Many-to-load balance group (LBG)

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