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Network visibility solutions for

Academia & municipalities

State, local, and academic institutions are responsible for serving their constituents and students, including protecting their data. In organizations such as these, a single network vulnerability is all an attacker needs to steal critical data.

Make your networks difficult targets

Collection, storage, protection, and distribution of citizens' private information present more challenges than ever before. APCON has solutions for ensuring municipal and academic networks have world-class visibility, security, performance, and regulatory compliance.

In these days of constant connectivity, citizens and students connect their computers, cars, smartphones, tablets, TVs, and consoles to school, college, and university networks, straining performance and security. As state and local applications, registrations, licenses, and payment systems move from paper to online and move to the cloud, their threat surface expands. Increasingly, communities like these are looking for ways to enable greater access while maintaining privacy and acceptable usage policies. APCON’s network monitoring and security solutions deliver optimal network traffic to the appropriate monitoring tools while providing real time insights into every packet traversing state, local, and educational networks.

Ultra-high performance network visibility

The IntellaView Solution

APCON's IntellaView platform is designed to accommodate unprecedented levels of bandwidth and enable network visibility for hybrid workloads running in all environments, including private cloud, public cloud, and on-premises infrastructures.

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Chassis Sizes

1RU | 1.5RU | 3RU | 5RU | 9RU

Traffic Speeds

1G / 10G / 25G / 40G / 100G

Mobile Management

Wifi | Bluetooth

Single pane of glass

Our intuitive, browser-based user interface allows you to easily maintain control and visibility over your entire network fabric.

Virtual TAPs

Capture network traffic from Virtual Private Cloud and Public Cloud environments.

Optical TAPs

Complete line of 1G, 10G, 40G, and 100G optical TAPs enabling 100% visibility without impacting network device performance.

future-proof your network

See it. Solve it. Secure it.

APCON technologies provide:


With the exponentially increasing amount of data running through municipal and academic networks, more breaches will occur. IT teams need the ability to immediately detect, characterize, and mitigate attacks while monitoring network or application performance issues in real time.

As the Oldsmar water supply attack demonstrates, public entities need to maintain focus on cyber threats and their potential impact. If your systems oversee utilities, the worst-case scenario of a cyberattack can be much more than just losing data. Taking proactive steps to secure systems is crucial to avoiding the most severe consequences of cyberattacks.

The first page of a .pdf document with the title 'Today's Data Centers Need Visibility That Only a Network Packet Broker Can Provide.'

White Paper

Today's data centers need network packet brokers

This EMA white paper presents various emerging network and security operations requirements, and what to look for when evaluating a network packet broker, and the essentials needed for your digital journey.

Getting governments up to speed on cybersecurity will be costly but necessary: 'Bad actors are a lot more organized than cities.'

Gary BrantleyChief Information Officer, City of Atlanta

NEW RELEASE: IntellaView Enterprise | Centralized Software Management System. Learn More
NEW RELEASE: IntellaView Enterprise | Centralized Software Management System. Learn More

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