Application Filtering

With IntellaView's HyperEngine packet processor, users can identify and filter network traffic for Layer 7 applications and protocols. Any of its four service engines can leverage advanced DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) and heuristics to identify over 1,600 applications and more than 400 protocols in real time with a high degree of accuracy and virtually no false positives, even when data is encrypted.

With Layer 7 Application Filtering you can get complete control over the traffic traversing your network.

reduce the chance of oversubscription

Filter out high-volume / low-risk traffic

With APCON’s Application Filtering capabilities, your SecOps and NetOps teams can maximize the efficiency of your monitoring and security tools by filtering out low-risk traffic like common streaming applications (i.e., YouTube, Facebook, Skype, Hulu, Netflix, etc.), which use a lot of bandwidth but pose very low security risks. Inspecting flows to identify specific applications or protocols can save you money by preventing your existing tools from becoming overburdened, even as traffic increases.

Achieve complete Layer 7 visibility for maximum security

With Layer 7 Application Filtering you get complete control over the traffic traversing your network by identifying protocol types, standard applications, and apps with security flaws or known vulnerabilities. This powerful feature is even able to identify the application or protocol when the traffic is encrypted.


  • Layer 7 filtering on protocols or applications

  • DPI-based filtering on specific application fingerprints

  • Give business-critical apps priority over less crucial traffic

  • Limit bandwidth based on application type or protocol

  • Send specific traffic types to specific tool types


  • Extract low-risk, high-volume application traffic

  • Focus on and give precedence to high-priority data

  • Identify unapproved apps and "shadow IT"

  • Save on visibility / cybersecurity expenses

  • Extend the life of security tools

See how it works

Schedule a demo today for access to our online demo center to see how easy it is to use IntellaView to set up Application Filtering to specify exactly which applications, protocols, or categories you want to extract from your data streams.

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Application Filtering hardware

IntellaView HyperEngine

The IntellaView HyperEngine offers flexible, user-selectable service options. These include advanced packet processing features such as Deduplication, NetFlow Generation, Application Filtering, Pattern Matching, or Traffic Shaping.
Explore the IntellaView HyperEngine

Performance up to 400G

Real-time processing across 1G / 10G / 40G / 100G feeds, supporting up to 400G total throughput

Rapid, accurate detection with Application Filtering

Automatically detect over 1600 applications and 400 protocols in real time with a high degree of accuracy

The first page of a .pdf document with the title 'Ultra High Speed Packet Processing for Advanced Network Monitoring.'

IntellaView Datasheet

Ultra high-speed packet processing

With up to 400G processing capability, the IntellaView HyperEngine can effectively monitor every packet in the high-speed data stream to remove duplicates and improve tool efficiency. It also enables duplicate matching across Layers 3 and 4 headers and payload, and supports a large, configurable window size of up to 500ms.

NEW RELEASE: IntellaView Enterprise | Centralized Software Management System. Learn More
NEW RELEASE: IntellaView Enterprise | Centralized Software Management System. Learn More

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