The front of the IntellaFlex XR 40G Packet Aggregator.
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40G Packet Aggregator
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IntellaFlex XR Blades

The IntellaFlex XR Copper Bypass TAP.

IntellaFlex XR

Copper Bypass TAP


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Product information

The IntellaFlex Copper Bypass TAP combines an inline fail-safe security solution and intelligent network monitoring in one appliance to protect traffic flows and increase visibility.

Today's escalating security threats continue to drive network operations to incorporate more inline security devices such as Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), and firewalls. Whenever any networking tool is connected in line, another possible point of failure is added. If the tool fails, it could result in significant network traffic loss and downtime.

The IntellaFlex Copper Bypass TAP can be installed directly on the network and connected to any tool that receives live network traffic. The IntellaFlex Copper Bypass TAP maintains high network availability by allowing traffic to flow unimpeded when inline security tools lose power, have a software failure, degrade in performance, or require maintenance.

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The IntellaFlex XR Copper Bypass TAP.

Product features and specifications


  • Fail-safe monitoring of up to 5 inline tools

  • 5 pairs 100M/1G Copper Bypass TAPs paired to 5 pairs 100M/1G/10G Ethernet (SFP/SFP+)

  • Heartbeat detection and automatic failover recovery

  • Aggregation, Filtering, Load Balancing, Trunking, and Port Tagging

  • Provides Multi-stage Filtering and Any-to-Any or Multicast Connections

  • Easy-to-use WebXR GUI and TITAN multi-switch management software


150 W / 550 BTU/hr without transceivers
Filter traffic on network ports
360G backplane connectivity per blade

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IntellaFlex XR Copper Bypass TAP

An inline fail-safe security solution

Through the use of heartbeat technology, the IntellaFlex XR Copper Bypass TAP can immediately detect an issue with an inline tool, route traffic around the affected tool, and issue an alert to prompt action to resolve the problem.

Load Balancing supports redundancy

With Load Balancing across multiple IPS security tools, if one system goes down, the IntellaFlex Copper Bypass TAP will redistribute traffic across the remaining systems. This results in minimal loss of network traffic and recovery would be automatic.

High density bypass TAP

APCON's IntellaFlex Copper Bypass TAP provides five individual bypass TAPs to connect up to five inline network security tools in a single standalone unit. The five TAPs operate independently allowing individual tools to be configured, maintained, or removed without affecting operations of the remaining TAPs.

Elevate your network.Bypass tool failures.

IntellaFlex Xr blades

NEW RELEASE: IntellaView Enterprise | Centralized Software Management System. Learn More
NEW RELEASE: IntellaView Enterprise | Centralized Software Management System. Learn More

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