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The latest release of our IntellaView GUI is packed with powerful new features and software enhancements

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The newest version of IntellaView introduces three compelling new licensable features for the Intellaview HyperEngine packet processor, including Layer 7 filtering and traffic shaping.

What's new

  • Application filtering

  • Pattern matching

  • Traffic shaping

  • Dedup with egress filtering

  • Shared source ports on service engines

  • Port monitoring

  • Port search

  • CRC error handling

  • New alarms

Application filtering

The most sophisticated level of filtering

With IntellaView’s HyperEngine packet processor, users can identify and filter network traffic for Layer 7 applications and protocols. Any of its six service engines can leverage advanced DPI (deep packet inspection) and heuristics to identify over 1,600 applications and more than 400 protocols in real time — with a high degree of accuracy and virtually no false positives, even when data is encrypted.

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Application filtering diagram

Traffic shaping

Give maximum bandwidth to business-critical tools

Traffic shaping (also known as "packet shaping" or "rate limiting") allows you to limit the bandwidth that gets sent to certain applications in order to ensure consistent high performance for all of your monitoring tools. Using the traffic shaping feature of the IntellaView HyperEngine, traffic can be limited to a user-specified average rate by buffering packets that exceed that rate.

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Traffic shaping diagram

Pattern matching

A faster and more efficient pattern-matching algorithm

Using our deep packet inspection technology, the contents of packets can be matched against patterns of known traffic to identify content, including attack-carrying packets, that can then be forwarded accordingly. APCON’s pattern matching uses regular expressions (regexs) to match and filter packet contents in near real time.

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Pattern matching diagram

Ultra-high-speed packet processing

The IntellaView HyperEngine

The IntellaView HyperEngine enables real time packet processing of 100G network traffic to prevent tool oversubscription and supports up to 600G total throughput via six packet processing service engines that can be run concurrently across 1G / 10G / 40G / 100G feeds.

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Pattern matching

­Match packet contents and filter traffic. You can search on individual packets or sessions.

Application filtering

Classify and filter layer 7 traffic based on protocol or application in real time with a high degree of accuracy and virtually no false positives.

Deep packet inspection

The HyperEngine’s Deep Packet Inspection feature enables data privacy and compliance for regulations such as HIPAA and PCI by identifying and masking sensitive data.


The HyperEngine monitors network traffic and is an ideal source for generating NetFlow records. It can off-load processing from routers and other production equipment to maximize accuracy, increase efficiency, and save costs.

Packet deduplication

The HyperEngine enables duplicate matching across layers 2, 3, and 4 headers in addition to the payload, and supports a large, configurable window size of up to 500ms.

Traffic shaping

Limit traffic to a user-specified average rate by buffering packets that exceed that rate.

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