Rethinking Security Monitoring for Healthcare

The healthcare industry is responsible for enhancing the patient experience, but with the industry in a vulnerable IT position due to increases in cyber threats, “The Internet of Medical Devices,” mergers and acquisitions, electronic health records and industry regulations, IT teams are faced with complex network challenges.

90% of health organizations have experienced some type of data breach  

With the responsibility of keeping patient and employee data secure while transforming network architectures, the industry is looking to increase security, visibility and compliance by enhancing network monitoring.


With the influx of data running through healthcare networks, more breaches will occur. IT teams need the ability to immediately detect, characterize and mitigate attacks, and be able to see network or application performance issues in real time.


Hospitals and health systems networks are growing as a result of mergers, acquisitions and changing regulatory requirements. This epic growth is causing IT teams to lose visibility of the traffic flowing through their data centers.


Protecting confidential medical records from data leakage, malware and spyware is critical for healthcare organizations. Networks need advanced monitoring features that can remove or mask sensitive information to avoid the risk of penalties from failure to comply with regulations.

Healthcare data is the fastest growing. Each year it grows by 48%.

The Right Prescription for Your Network

APCON's network solutions gave us the visibility our network demanded.

APCON is committed to meeting the demands healthcare networks require. With our network monitoring solutions, hospitals and healthcare systems will feel confident their network security and monitoring tools are receiving the right traffic. Below are just a few of the benefits you will receive when buying APCON’s solutions.

Scalable Architecture

APCON offers the only scalable family of network monitoring solutions for hospitals/healthcare systems and remote locations in the market. As your network grows, you can easily add additional capacity to meet your growth requirements without forklift upgrades. 

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High Availability

APCON’s IntellaFlex solutions are designed for healthcare networks that demand high availability and system compatibility. Standard integrated hardware features and modular switch design ensure no data is lost in the event of component failure. 

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Advanced Features

APCON’s Traffic Intelligence features allow you to manipulate the data stream to maximize your investment in monitoring tools. Deep packet inspection, deduplication, packet slicing and protocol stripping ensure monitoring tool efficiency, accuracy, and security of patient information.  

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APCON’s unified virtual and physical monitoring solution provides complete network visibility using the existing monitoring tool farm, staff and diagnostics processes. 

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Easy Management

APCON’s award-winning graphical user interface provides a centralized location to build, save, view and recall device connections. 

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Fail-Safe Reliability

Healthcare networks must stay operational even when security tools fail. With APCON’s bypass solution, you will no longer have a single point of failure on your network. 

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Security Monitoring Diagnosis

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