Packet Slicing

Packet Slicing can provide many benefits, such as savings on data storage costs, reduction of traffic, and preventing tool oversubscription, but perhaps the most significant is keeping your company in compliance with regulations. Legislation such as HIPAA, PCI, and others demand data confidentiality, and stripping sensitive payload data from packets before they go to monitoring tools ensures that this sensitive data is not revealed or stored outside of secure boundaries.

APCON packet processing technology can remove sensitive data from network packets and assist with oversubscription by reducing packet size and overall bandwidth

Improve the performance of your monitoring

Increase confidence, ensure compliance

By removing payload data from packets and leaving only the header information (Packet Slicing), a network monitoring switch can send more data across a given link to a monitoring tool. Utilizing Packet Slicing, your tools receive much more condensed network data for analysis, increasing efficiency and utilization and ensuring regulatory compliance. Similarly, large enterprise pedabyte storage systems can be very expensive, and reducing packet size prior to storage can save companies millions in data storage costs.

APCON's Packet Slicing can be performed either at ingress or egress. This creates flexibility in configuring your Packet Slicing solution. The ability to slice on either ingress or egress allows sharing of the packet payload with other tools by slicing at egress, or you can fully optimize your traffic through the switch by slicing on ingress.


  • Configurable byte offset

  • Line rates of 1G / 10G / 25G / 40G / 100G

  • Slice on ingress or egress


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Packet Slicing hardware

Maximize privacy while increasing efficiency

Packet Slicing allows you to "slice" or reduce a packet at different offsets for every packet or for specific packet types. This is helpful when the analysis you are doing requires headers, protocols, and flows but not the actual payload information. If tools struggle with the amount of incoming traffic, packets can be lost. By removing unnecessary payload data, tools can run more efficiently. At the same time, utilizing Packet Slicing allows you to take out sensitive or confidential data before it reaches your monitoring tools, logs or storage.

An IntellaView 9RU, 5RU, and 3RU chassis each filled with various blades.

Ultra-high performance network visibility


The APCON IntellaView blades' aggregation and filtering technologies make it easy to monitor high-speed networks. With the broadest range of advanced features, network engineers are confident the right traffic is delivered to the right tools all the time.

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Packet Slicing blades
Packet Slicing blades
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NEW RELEASE: IntellaView Enterprise | Centralized Software Management System. Learn More

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