Solutions overview

Achieve total network visibility

Without providing your monitoring tools the right traffic, your company's network security, speed, performance, and reliability can be compromised.

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Solutions overview

Achieve total network visibility

Without providing your monitoring tools the right traffic, your company's network security, speed, performance, and reliability can be compromised.

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Where APCON fits in your network

Comprehensive hybrid monitoring solutions

The APCON solution offers organizations the ability to send mirrored, filtered, and aggregated traffic to your monitoring and security tools across physical datacenter, VM, and cloud fabrics.

The APCON solution provides packet-level visibility across your entire visibility fabric, including traffic in your datacenter, remote locations, virtual machines, and the cloud.

Ultra-high performance

The IntellaView Platform

The IntellaView Platform provides network monitoring up to 100G. The APCON IntellaView blades' aggregation and filtering technologies make it easy to monitor the highest-speed networks. With the broadest range of advanced features, network engineers can be confident the right traffic is delivered to the right tools all the time.

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Chassis Sizes

1RU | 1.5RU | 3RU | 5RU | 9RU

Traffic Speeds

1G / 10G / 25G / 40G / 100G

Mobile Management

Wifi | Bluetooth

Single pane of glass

Our intuitive, browser-based user interface allows you to easily maintain control and visibility over your entire network fabric.

Virtual TAPs

Capture network traffic from Virtual Private Cloud and Public Cloud environments.

Optical TAPs

Complete line of 1G, 10G, 40G, and 100G optical TAPs enabling 100% visibility without impacting network device performance.

See everything in one place

Schedule a demo today for access to our online demo center and see how easy it is to use IntellaView and TITAN to gain packet-level access to the traffic across your entire visibility fabric.

How APCON stacks up

The advanced features of our scalable IntellaView platform are built to grow with your company and its data, making it easy to monitor the highest-speed enterprise networks now and into the future. With the broadest range of technologies, our technology gives you the confidence that the right traffic is delivered to the right tools reliably and consistently.

Feature comparison: APCON versus a leading competitor
Leading competitor
Flexibility and adaptabilityCommon blades, power supplies, fans, and controller cards within the same product familyYesNo interchangeable hardwareNo

IntellaView: 1.5RU, 3RU, 5RU, 9RU

IntellaFlex XR: 1RU, 2RU, 4RU, 8RU, 14RU

Limited chassis capacityNo
Pricing structureSimple and straightforward pricing structure across verticalsYesComplicated, unpredictable pricing structureNo

APCON provides flexible, focused solutions across verticals

Find out how we're already serving your industry

We're in data centers in over 40 countries, from midsize companies to Fortune 100 enterprises and governments. Whether it's a physical, cloud, or hybrid infrastructure, the largest and fastest networks rely on APCON for total visibility.

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Banking, finance & insurance

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Government, military, law enforement

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Academia & municipalities

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Healthcare & pharmaceuticals

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Aviation/aerospace, transportaton & shipping

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Energy production, manufacturing & utilities

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Software, telecom & service providers

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Entertainment & travel providers

Secure your hybrid data center with state-of-the-art visibility technology

Get the power to take your network's security, stability, and performance to the next level.

Application Filtering

Traffic classification and filtering based on protocol or application, automatically detecting over 1600 applications and 400 protocols in real time. Application Filtering can facilitate more efficient tool usage by filtering out low-risk traffic.

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Pattern Matching

Search on individual packets or sessions. This is useful for ensuring HIPPA compliance, masking PII such as credit card or social security numbers, and enabling more efficient tool usage by filtering out low-risk flows.

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Traffic Shaping

Limit Tx traffic to a user-specified average rate by buffering RX packets and transmitting them at steady, even flow. This is useful when tools are not able to handle traffic above a specific rate for extended periods of time.

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Deep Packet Inspection

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is used to monitor network traffic at the packet level to locate, identify, and classify packets of a specific type or those with a certain payload and react accordingly.

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Network Data Deduplication

Traffic Deduplication improves monitoring tool efficiency, accuracy, and recording space requirements. Enable your monitoring tools to provide greater visibility while lowering overall costs.

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Packet Filtering

Our unique Packet Filtering provides pinpoint accuracy in delivering data to your network monitoring and security tools, eliminating oversubscription of egress ports and resulting in zero dropped packets.

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Packet Slicing

By removing payload data from packets and leaving only the header information, network monitoring switches can send more data across any given link to performance and security monitoring tools.

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Protocol (Header) Stripping

Our advanced Protocol (Header) Stripping features (now including VN-tag and GENEVE stripping) ensure your diagnostic tools will have complete network visibility and operate at maximum efficiency.

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Tunnel Initiation & Termination services can be applied to ports so they can be used as tunnel sources or destinations, allowing for the transfer of packets from one network to another regardless of protocol.

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NetFlow Generation

Offload processing from routers and other production equipment to increase efficiency and save costs. Consolidate NetFlow sources to reduce network traffic and simplify your monitoring architecture.

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NEW RELEASE: IntellaView Enterprise | Centralized Software Management System. Learn More
NEW RELEASE: IntellaView Enterprise | Centralized Software Management System. Learn More

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